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Stonegate Protection

1 (888) 774-0035 x916

Stonegate Protection provides evening patrols of the Stonelake Community seven nights a week from 9 PM to 5 AM. To have a Stonegate Protection officer dispatched for non-emergency items please call the number provided. ALWAYS call “911” if there is an emergency or a potential emergency situation so an Elk Grove police officer and emergency personnel can be dispatched. Please contact our Community Manager if you have questions or comments.

The Board requested that Stonegate Protection park their patrol vehicle in front of the Clubhouse when it is not in use. The hours the vehicle should be parked in front of the Clubhouse are 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM. This was done to ensure a more efficient use of the patrol officer’s time for commuting to and from our Community.

The vehicle will also be in the Clubhouse parking lot when the officer patrols the Clubhouse (two times during the evening).

During the shift, the officer is required to patrol the Community and to ensure this is carried out, electronic pads have been strategically placed throughout the Community which records and tracks the officer’s routine. This is referred to as a “deggy” system. The officer must swipe a card in front of the electronic pad which records the time and location of the swipe. Sky Security Service submits incident, driving and “deggy” logs to our management company who in turn shares this information with a Board Member. The Board Member and management carefully review the reports to evaluate trends.